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  • Helicore Hybrid Bass String Set, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension
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I use The Helicore Hybrid string because it gives me the exact combination of abilities that I need for cross-over music. The strings function and sound equally well for both pizzicato and bow, making it perfect when you one day play Drum ´n´ Bass and the next day classical music.

A D’Addario Orchestral player since 2000.

Andreas Bennetzen aka Andy Benz. I am a Danish musician & composer from Copenhagen who currently lives in Freetown Christiania. While I was studying classical double bass I got into the avantgarde and electronic music scene. I was already working as a classical double bass player in symphony orchestras and as a soloist, but I felt a need to find my own true voice with the instrument. In 2005 I got my hands on my first electric-upright bass. The bass arrived only one day before I had to performsolo in front of an audience of 2 million viewers on a televised show live from Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen. This first 'test' proved so successful that I decided right away to start exploring the possibilities offered by electric string instruments and effects as much as I could. Equipped with a loop machine & multiple effects I started creating and performing my own music. I started playing in bands and with other performing arts and gradually I developed my own sound. In June 2009, I released my solo debut album ´Flowing in Circles´ and 'Andy Benz' was created.

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